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Shrike (Kellie Ross)

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Shrike (Kellie Ross) Empty Shrike (Kellie Ross)

Post by Titania on Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:08 pm

Shrike (Kellie Ross) Batgirl_Stephanie_Brown

Shrike (Kellie Ross) Commission_stephanie_brown_as_batgirl_by_ronindude-d6ouzgf

Name: Shrike a.k.a. Kellie Ross

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual

Alignment: Hero

Race: Standard

Appearance: Kellie is of a pretty strong yet beautiful build. She is isn't overly muscular but is quite strong in a scrap. She has long blonde hair that she wears down to her upper back. She also has pale blue eyes that are very piercing and noticeable. Kellie is about 5'4 and of an average but kinda slim weight. Her features are attractive and she tries to make herself pretty when Kellie, not when Shrike. When Kellie is in her civilian persona, she tends to wear typical clothes for a teenager, consisting of blouses, jeans, leggings, etc. When she is Shrike, she tries to hide her identity. Unlike the picture she does not have a bat emblem on her chest and the cowl does not have two spikes on it, instead it has none. Other than that, the pictures are mostly accurate to her appearance. She wears a purple and black suit that allows her to be agile while still being very protective. She wears a utility belt that is yellow and carries alot of her tools for fighting. She also has room on the belt for rope, which she uses plenty of, and any other tools she could need for a fight ahead. She also has strong black gauntlets with spikes on the side for stronger punches. She tries to have a cute and pretty demeanor when Kellie, but when she's Shrike, she likes joking and is much more confident, trying to intimidate people.    

Personality: Kellie is a very friendly and easy person to get along with. She actively tries and make friends and tries to reform criminals she fights as Shrike. She is more friendly when a civialian however because she needs to stay intimidating as Shrike. She is very intelligent, being considered a child genius for awhile. She spent four years studying in the ways of technology, science and mathematics. She isn't too smart in much else, due to her focusing on that field. Despite this she is very skilled in both english and history however, easily knowing enough to get perfect grades on what they teach her in school. She is very modest about this however, with her common response to compliments being, "Compare me to other heroes" who are mostly much older than her. She can be a typical teenager alot when she is a civilian, being seemingly normal to people. Her favorite band is The Beatles but she loves alot of classic rock, modern rock and techno, and sometimes listens to it with headphones when she fights crimes, repurposing her communication device in her ear. Kellie has a bit of a temper when she is a civilian but is able to avoid it when a crimefighter. When she fights crime, she tends to make jokes every once and awhile, but is generally a peppy person. She is confident in herelf and believes that everything will work out. She prefers to be fast and hard when fighting, also using elements like stealth to outsmart her opponent. She is completely against killing and believes that everyone can be redeemed. Her main weakness is her emotions as she isnt very hardened and gets sick at grotesque scenes. She also is very caring to children in both forms, and sometimes stop fights entirely to help them. She doesn't like the sight of people being hurt and makes it her top priority to help others and especially if they are her friends. She sometimes cracks under pressure, especially without friends to support her. Despite this, she makes a good leader and is skilled in creating strategies with whatever resources she has. She tends to underestimate people, mainly playing it safe to make sure they dont get hurt.

History: Kellie was born to a fueding couple who lived alone with her in a small apartment. The couple were born addicted to cocaine and would constantly be high around her. She lived with them until she was around 8. During this time, she would spend most of her time hiding on the roof of the building. There she found a couple of abandoned baby birds. These birds were Shrikes, and she took great care in raising them using some of the meager food her parents supplied her with. On her eighth birthday, her parents attempted to rob a bank to try and fund their addiction. This did not go well for them as a couple superheroes had been there and stopped them very easily. Kellie's mother died in the heist, but her father was arrested and taken to prison. Kellie wasn't sure how to react. When she had watched superheroes on the TV, she had come to idolize them, but now they took her parents away, did that mean they were villains? She kept asking these questions to herself for two days, living off whatever food was in the apartment and mainly hiding with her Shrikes. After those two days, one of the heroes that had arrested her parents arrived her apartment, trying to investigate exactly what they were. To his suprise when he got there he saw Kellie hiding in the corner. It was right then and there that the man decided he would retire from his career as a hero and would raise this girl. The man, who was named Yorker, was a master martial artist and lived alone in a secluded dojo, that was until Kellie arrived. Also to his surprise, once he brought Kellie inside, a black Shrike flew out of her coat. Kellie explained that this Shrike was named Twi and that while all the other Shrikes wanted to leave her once Yorker came for her, Twi stayed with her. Yorker simply nodded and said, "Keep it." Kellie then spent the next 7 years of her life learning under Yorker in the ways of martial arts and learning on her own the ways of rope swinging, aerial gliding, technology, gadgets, and the world. Then on her fifteenth birthday, she was at home when Yorker went out for some groceries. Eventually, he did not return, causing Kellie to go on the look for him, only to stumble upon him in an alley, murdered. After sobbing over his death, she determined that the death was caused by three gunshots, two to the front and one to the back, indicating that Yorker did not go down with one shot and resisted. She also determined that nothing was stolen and that the killer had to know exactly whar Yorker do to try and counter as he normally has a way of avoiding bullets. Little did Kellie know that this murder was intentional and performed by one of his old hero buddies, Johnny Drive. It was from this day that Kellie got the drive to try and change the world. She took up the mantle of Shrike, named after her pet birds, and made herself a costume using the money she is given for research grants a local university. She still of course does the research, but uses the excess to afford her life as a hero.


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Shrike (Kellie Ross) Empty Re: Shrike (Kellie Ross)

Post by Chase on Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:33 pm


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