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Puppetmaster Raqiel

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Puppetmaster Raqiel Empty Puppetmaster Raqiel

Post by Seris on Fri Apr 17, 2015 6:36 pm

Puppetmaster Raqiel El_sha10

Name: Puppetmaster Raqiel

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Prefers men... though a girl is possible?

Alignment: Villain

Race: Spiritual - Magic

Appearance: Raqiel's hair is a light pink held in ponytails from the middle of her rolled up and styled hair which reach down to just above her ankles. Hovering over her head at all times is a Marionette Controller, the strings of which are attached to her clothes. Her right eye is covered by an eyepatch that wraps around her head diagonally. Her skin is deathly pale... to a degree you'd ask if she'd ever saw the sun. She stands at a height of only five foot and three inches and weighs in at a mere ninety-eight pounds. She wears a monochrome strapless one-piece tunic with frills at each end of it. She wears sleeves that start between her shoulders and elbows, and then go past her wrists and covers her hands, they are monochrome and end in frills. She wears one monochrome thigh high and her shoes are one black and one white ballet slips.


History: (At least two hundred words)

Costume:(Explain what your costume looks like here, if no costume, delete this.)


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