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Shrike's Powers

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Shrike's Powers Empty Shrike's Powers

Post by Titania on Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:02 pm


Common Items Used: Ropes, Smoke Bombs, Claws, and Utility Belt, EMP Disruptor, and Industrial Strength Magnets, Radar Watch, Wrist Communicator, AI Assitant "Jennifer"
Notable Items Used: Cloaking Device
Item Description: A small device attached to her gauntlets with a simple on and off button. It allows her to become invisible
Item Strengths: Makes her invisible
Item weaknesses (be reasonable): It lasts for about 10 minutes and any aggression requires her to break her stealth.

Notable Items Used (if Any): Wrist Gauntlets
Item Description: Black Gauntlets that have blades on them and hold a good chunk of her items, along with adding weight to her punches.
Item Strengths: Aids her punches and holds objects
Item weaknesses (be reasonable): She relies on it.

Notable Items Used (if Any): Wrist gun
Item Description: Small guns with up to five barrels that rise from her wrist gauntlets, loaded with stun bullets mostly but two of the barrels contain small explosive and can sometimes be loaded with bigger ones.
Item Strengths: Are small and easy to hide and one to two shots of a stun bullet can incapacitate any opponent
Item weaknesses (be reasonable): Due to their small size, the barrels are very small and precise and their range is not very good. Sometimes she supplements this with actual stunning firearms but on very rare occasions.

Notable Items Used (if Any): Grapple Wrist
Item Description: Another part of her wrist gauntlets that shoot ropes very fast, most of the ropes deteriorating fast once used, similar to spiderman's web shooters.
Item Strengths: Very fast shooting and allows for aerial manueverment and quick transit.
Item weaknesses (be reasonable): The rope is not strong and can be cut very easily.


Fighting Style: Kellie is very fast in combat and chooses to use precise and powerful attacks to defeat her opponents. She does not believe in killing and tries to avoid it all costs. She is acrobatic in her movement and uses her grapple wrists to move fast and well in the air and on the ground, also using it to help build up momentum. She also believes in stealth and using her cloaking technology and dark outfit to conceal herself. She knows how to deal with large groups of enemies but prefers one on one, although she has been known to defeat crowds of about 20 on her own. She is a master of martial arts and is very skilled at deducing crimes. She is quite skilled under pressure and knows how to lead people in any circumstances. She is a natural leader but likes to hide that among people she views as her superior. She is aware of her humanity and tries to make herself look superhuman for intimidation. She knows her mortality does her best to hide it and prepare for it. She has been known to be skilled in self-healing with bandages and she has fought crime with diseases before. Overall she is very capable and a truly applicable opponent, being able to fight the best of the best.  

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Shrike's Powers Empty Re: Shrike's Powers

Post by Chase on Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:13 pm


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