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Chase Airsu

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Chase Airsu Empty Chase Airsu

Post by Chase on Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:49 am

Name: Chase Airsu

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Hetero-Sexual

Alignment: Hero

Race: Mutant

Appearance: Chase is an African american who wears a white tank top and on top of that he wears a brown unzipped jacket. He also wears headphones over his neck. He wears long black pants and wears brown and black shoes. He only has purple eyes with no pupils. He also has a sharp tooth that is always visible even when his mouth his closed. And when he is forced to go to formal gatherings, he usually wears an all brown suit with a black Tie and black undershirt with black dress shoes. But, that is seriously if somebody forced him to put on the clothes and dragged him to the place.

Personality: A nice and friendly guy. Even though he may be nice he does like to make fun of people. He wants to keep the bonds he made with people and also save everybody. He also will do anything for his friends. He also has a thing that he feels real strongly about. And that is that everybody is equal. Mutants and humans, everybody, no matter what sexual preference. Or color of skin. He wants equality all around the world. Meaning he hates all people who discriminate, right off the bat. No matter if they tried to reform themselves, he would always remember that exact moment.

History: When Chase was younger he was in his moms stomach and... wait that's to early. lets go to when he was in fifth grade when. (which by the way is eleven.) By that time he still had pupils and had black eyes. He was also blessed with a special power from birth. He was able to zap people anytime he wanted with extremely small zaps of electricity. He also had a skill to turn off and on anything as big or smaller than a T.V.. and because of his differences, he got into lots of fights. Some he lost, some he won, But every time he did get into a fight he got closer and closer to suspension. And even after the third suspension he got closer and closer to being expelled. But no matter how many times he got in trouble his mom always supported him. And because of that Chase calmed down a lot just so he can keep his mother happy. up until he was a freshman. Their it was a whole different ball game. His high school was crazy. Guys tattooing peoples butts. shooting's. all that jazz. Chase got into a huge fight with somebody for insulting his dead dad and his mom. Which ended with him getting expelled. Just like that. But Chase made the wrong move fighting the kid he fought. A high school student, a fifteen year old, Out of all the chances, was a gang member. Once Chase got to ninth grade, or Junior, Chase was half way through the school year. He was walking with his mom at night when he heard a car roll up by them and start shooting. "Chase Run!" Chase mom said right before she got shot up. Chase looked at her die. He cried and ran at the same time. Chase dropped out of school. He tried to get a job but he was late everyday and got fired. and because of that he lost his house. he was at the end of the road. No food. no water. no shelter. He only had three dollars left. That's when a guy in a suit with a case walked up to him.  "Homeless huh? what if I told you I could get you all the money you can have? along with food and water?" The guy said. "My mom always told me not to talk to strangers. Especially a guy with a suit and a case." Chase said looking at him.  The strange guy just said "Don't you wish you could do something? like save the people who needs to be saved? maybe a loved one? Or what if you had the choice to take revenge on someone? Be able to have the choice to ether destroy the world or save it? Thats what im offering you. And you still get money and food and water. If anything you have the way better deal." The man said. So Chase went with the guy. Once he got their he got told to immediately strip down. "Umm no. Just give me some clothes." So they did. "Umm why does these clothes feel so weird?" Chase asked. "Just a weird kind of fabric. Now step into this pod please."The man said pointing towards a pod. "Ummm is this safe?" Chase asked. "One hundred percent." the man said. So Chase stepped in. When the man pressed a button about three needles poked Chase. One on each arm and one into his chest. when the needles went away with a lot of his blood he felt woozie. Then he saw more needles with some green liquid in it. "Hey is this going to hurt?" Chase asked. "Yep" The shady guy told him and then the needles poked Chase and the green liquids went into his body. it sounded more nice than it really was. On the outside Chase was screaming bloody hell. On the inside it hurt even more. It felt like Volts of electricity was hitting him back to back. Once it was finally over the pod opened and Chase fell. Chase looked down for awhile. and then looked up. He just saw outlines everywhere. "Your pupils.... There gone." the shady guy said. But he just turned around and said "Another failed experiment. Take him out and shoot him guys." and with that he walked away. Chase was utterly Shocked. once two guys came in with their guns one decided to just shoot him right their. Once he shot Chase flinched. one second passed. two. Chase looked up and saw that the bullet was behind him. "What?" And the other guard tried to shoot Chase and this time Chase saw. his chest dissolved into electricity and reappeared as just normal skin. only Chase just saw an outline of his chest and an outline of electricity. Chase then ran at them and tried to punch them. when they shot this time though Chase got shot right in the arm. Chase was hurt to continue fighting. Chase then thought he could make his new found powers to be useful. He made his finger into a gun and focused his electricity into that finger and actually shot a lighting bolt. Once he did he hit the power box and turned off all the lights. "Okay now time to see if i can get out." Chase then thought that hi legs was electricity. Once he did he looked down at his outline legs and he saw an outline electricity. The Chase got out of their. But before he left he could see through the dark since he can only see outlines. Once he saw a stack of money he swooped down and got it and left. once he was safe he bought a house. Once he did he wondered what should he do? after a couple weeks of thinking he had goals. To seek revenge on the shooter who killed his mother. To find the shady guy and find out what happened to Chase. and to, as long as he can, Keep everybody safe so everybody don't seek the same fate as his mother.


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Chase Airsu Empty Re: Chase Airsu

Post by Titania on Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:08 pm

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