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Chase's Powers

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Chase's Powers Empty Chase's Powers

Post by Chase on Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:46 pm


Power Type (If Any): Mutant
Power Description (If Any): Chase is able to shoot electricity at will and is able to fly.
Power Strengths (If Any):
-Made of electricity (When he is not moving)
-Can fly
-Can go into anything electrical and can come out anywhere electrical in a twenty yard radius
-Can shoot out electricity out of his hands
-Can heal minor injury's
Power Weaknesses
-Water (Must be in it for more than five minutes)
-Completely tangible while moving.


Fighting Style: The fact that Chase was living on the streets for almost all his life, Chase has become more of a hit first think later kind of guy, going more for the hard hits first, and if those don't work, then he starts to try and think. Chase also tries his best to try and hide his weakness by never shying away from anybody using anything the could probably really screw up his powers. Such as flying over water and trying to use magnets to his advantage rather than his disadvantage. Also, being used to getting beat up by huge amounts of people, Chase has learned to take a good beating, making him a bit tougher than others.

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Chase's Powers Empty Re: Chase's Powers

Post by Titania on Sat Mar 28, 2015 5:04 pm

Chase's Powers YLkdGSV

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