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Jason - (The Freak)

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Jason - (The Freak) Empty Jason - (The Freak)

Post by Idoc on Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:21 pm

Jason - (The Freak) Kaneki-ken-mask-anime-red-mask-boy-picture_zpsgv9jyv6a

Name: Jason by day, Freak at night

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Do blonde girls count?

Alignment: Anti-Hero

Race: Meta-human

Appearance: Jason is a rather skinny young adult that stands at around 6'0" tall. He weighs around 200lbs. His hair originally pitch black, was turned white through genetic editing. His eyes are still hazel... most of the time. When he goes to use his powers the reaction turns his eyes a glowing red. His skin is almost as white as his hair, due to him being a bit of a Vampire. (PS - He isn't really a Vampire, and if he was he wouldn't "sparkle!")

Jason's attire is probably as simple as his thought process. He usually just wears an over sized T-shirt of black or white. Along with a pair of jeans and the normal socks and sneakers, also black or white. When he changes he dons a metal half-mask with a very nastily done toothy smile painted on it. Made it himself.

Personality: Jason is a simple guy with simple needs. He isn't worried about being "great" or "dangerous" he does what he needs and what he wants. This comes out as a cool, calm, a bit lazy, personality. Jason has a thing for pretty girls, although he isn't a "ladies man" he does have a certain "Rebellious Charm." He tries best to not actively interact with others, but sometimes he can't help but run into someone.

Jason also has a bit of a curious appetite, meaning he likes to know things, sometimes just for the fact of knowing it. He isn't overly hostile about acquiring it however, unless he is using his powers a lot, then he kinda cant help but be a bit intrusive. Jason doesn't purely think of himself however, he is actually very caring to one person, Angela.

Angela is another Meta-human that was created as a result of genetic editing. She takes a special type of priority before anyone else or even Jason himself. Angela eats first, fight's first, gets pretty much anything she wants and needs. Now Jason isn't a total slave to Angela, after all being the elder he is her Guardian. He makes sure no matter what she is happy and healthy. Even if that means making her eat her vegetables.

History: Jason's life didn't exactly start out great, when he was young his parents made there money through thievery and sometimes murder. Leaving Jason in a pretty crappy apartment that didn't even have pain on the walls of every room. When Jason turned 10 his parent's committed the wrong crime, on the wrong person. This "Person" named Frederick, or "Fred" for short, was a real messed up dude, and he didn't take getting robbed lightly. Especially if the thing they stole was his latest genetic cocktail and notes for said cocktail.

So the next night "Fred" got his revenge on Jason's parents by stopping by the apartment and murdering the only people Jason had in the world. Even if they were bad people they were his parents. Although when "Fred" realized his latest victims had a son, he took this as a sort of "Icing on the Cake" to his revenge on Jason's parents. Now Jason had a new family, a very big, miserable, family. There was a lab somewhere off the cost of the city where Jason lived. In it there was a giant stone box in the floor called "the Pen." This was were Jason and the other people stayed when they weren't being, "Improved."

But as sad and hopeless as it sounds, Jason did find one spark of light in this dark room. Jason was approached by a couple that had been in the Pen a while. They comforted Jason and reassured him that everything would change when the Heroes came to save them. Jason still young, ate this story up and had taken comfort in the time he spent in the Pen with the caring couple. When he wasn't being poked, prodded, and cut open by the people "Fred" worked with.

Jason had come to calling them his mom and dad, although he hadn't expected that he would also be calling someone "sister." Jason was confused but was also exited to have this new little person to look after. For a while the little family was able to keep their new daughter Angela a secret from the "Editors." But nobody could hide forever. One day when Jason turned 13, Angela was found and taken by the Editors. Jason had tried to fight off the goons but was unable to do anything for his sister.

More time passed, it felt like a century had gone by in 4 years. Upon that time though a positive surprised happened. Angela had been added to the Pen once again, greeted by her Mother, Father, and Big Brother. Life was tough and the family had spent many more years being "Edited" by Scientists. But they had each other, and they had hope. Although the hope of being saved by the "Heroes" was taken away when Jason and his sister where taken to "Practice."

Which is a nice way of saying that they were exploited for there new "gifted" abilities. During this time Jason and Angela stayed in separate rooms, but had the luck to be placed next to one another. Only a wall of glass between them they kept their sanity intact (barely) by socializing with one another. Jason grew angry every time he saw his sister taken away for practice. Sometimes trying to break through the wall between them, but only hurting himself in the process.

Then there was a day something big and mysterious happened, a day Jason calls, "The Good Bad Day." It's still unknown what caused the event, but the effect was clear. Explosions, fires, crumbling walls, and so many innocent deaths. And also, very deserved ones for all of "Used to be Fred's" minions. Remarkably in the chaos and death that happened that day, some of the people in that facility survived. Two of those survivors, were Jason and Angela.

It was quite a walk, but eventually Jason and Angela crossed the bridge that led to their freedom. Only the city wasn't so caring for a teenager and his little sister wandering the streets. There were bad day, then there were very bad days, but in the two years they had been free, Jason and Angela had developed a bit of a rep with the Slim in the city. Mainly for their friends getting ripped and torn apart. Sometimes turned inside out when Jason and Angela felt particularly hostile towards them.

As for now? The two live in a big, broken water tower on a small building surrounded by huge buildings. Jason and Angela made a few "Improvements" and this giant wooden tub was called home. Jason tends to be the one that goes, "shopping" for the food and the one that gets what they need. Although Angela wasn't about to let Jason keep her in there giant bucket house forever.

After all, she was a 10 year old Psychic with a big stubborn streak. So she could "obviously" take care of herself. Although life isn't exactly "Great," or "Normal" for them, Jason and Angela love being with each other, and as long as they were together, it didn't matter where they were. In there perspective, life was perfect.

Costume: Jason has a Monochrome thing going on, he likes to switch between Black and White. His mask he wears is black, and looks like some moron just welded some metal together and made a half assed mask. You'd be right by the way. As for his other attire, Jason can use his "Freak Powers" to turn his clothes black, and sometimes even create clothes out of nowhere, which usually look like leather.


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Jason - (The Freak) Empty Re: Jason - (The Freak)

Post by Chase on Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:39 pm

Ah, over achiever like usual, APPROVED!

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Jason - (The Freak) Empty Re: Jason - (The Freak)

Post by Idoc on Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:42 pm

xD Hey man you can't stop this Imagination when it gets working. That, and I'm not a bad writer. ;3

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Jason - (The Freak) Empty Re: Jason - (The Freak)

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