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Basic Rules

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Basic Rules Empty Basic Rules

Post by Chase on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:11 pm

General Rules~
I. Respect all STAFF members. This is a given. All staff decisions are made with reason and careful decision.

II. Respect all PLAYERS. We do not tolerate any players being rude to one another for any reason. If you are having any issues with any given player, please notify a staff member to take care of it as quietly as possible.

III. Do not advertise on the forum ANYWHERE except for in the appropriate forum.

IV. No Chatbox/Emoticon Spamming. Don't be that guy who posts pointless, repetitive nonsense into the chatbox. The same goes with emoticons.

V. No pestering the Staff members. While it's okay to kindly remind staff that you have content that needs to be checked over and reviewed, do not make it a habit to remind them constantly. If your content is not checked within 24 hours of posting, you're welcome to remind once again. If it still goes unchecked, you're welcome to remind them every so often.
_________________________________________________________Role Play Rules~
I. Threads that are mature MUST be marked with Rated M in the title. (Things such as going into detail about sexual intercourse, gory violence, etc.)

II. Threads that are more teen based must be rated T. (Such as having sexual intercourse or gory violence, but not going into real detail about it.)

III. All posts MUST have AT LEAST a hundred words.

IV. No godmodding.

V. While we understand if you can't exactly reach the hundred count, absolutely NO one liners.

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