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Races and Alignments Guide

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Races and Alignments Guide Empty Races and Alignments Guide

Post by Titania on Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:10 am


Hero- The people that tend to be viewed the most positively. They believe in aiding others and doing whats right to try and better their society. Some heroes are better than others however. Not every hero has to be unwilling to kill people. There are heroes who are willing to kill whatever villain stands in their way and in doing things such as genetic experiments on people to aid them. The key part of being a hero is the desire to help others and the selflessness to do whatever you are able for them.

Villain- The exact opposite of a hero. They are viewed as the scum of the world and many believe they should be purged. Villains can be very different in their motives however, there could be villains driven by pure insanity, the desire to see destruction and death, simply to make a living, and many many more. A villain can be a ruthless murderer, or could be aginst killing in their crimes. Either way, the main characteristic of a villain is the desire to steal, kill, mug, or anything to create chaos.

Anti-Hero- These are a lot more complicated. They are people that arent the most trustworthy and are seen as people you do not want to mess with. An Anti-Heroes motives are completely defined by the person, many anti-heroes dont believe in either the side of good or evil. Most of them simply fight for whatever side they see as more beneficial to them. They can be driven by personal motivation such as revenge, but could still believe in what is truly right. Anti Heroes commonly believe in killing but that is not set in stone. The main characteristic of an Anti Hero is the desire to look out for yourself and keep your own skin safe.


Standard- These are perfectly normal people. They are people with no real super powers or above average gifts. These are people who stand up to problems with themselves and use their strength and intellect to fight. These people may not have powers but can still perform superhuman feats with their mind and strength, such as Captain America. They are not to be messed with and can commonly hold their own againt superhuman foes. They tend to be the people who connect the most to the people they save and have the best ideas of what its like to be a hero. Ex: Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Green Arrow, and Cyborg

Metahuman- These are people who were once perfectly normal. They are people who have been gifted by some outside source. Metahumans commonly have inherent weaknesses such as fire or water. Metahumans also know what is like to be human, but have their vision clouded the longer they have their abililties. Metahumans believe in using your given abilities to fight for what you believe and not doing too much else. Ex: Spiderman, Firestorm, The Flash, Deadpool, and The Hulk.

Mutants- These are people who were never normal. They were born special, out of the ordinary, and extraordinary. These are individuals who are born with one or more superpowers that they live with their entire life. They are discriminated against in the general public and are seen as freaks for their abilities. Those mutants who choose to become heroes however, suffer slightly less abuse. For this reason, some mutants wish they didnt have their abilities and would rather be a mortal. Ex: All the X-Men

Galactic- These aren't really people. They are beings that either come from space or are somehow linked to space. They are individuals who aren't very familiar with earth of at least the source of their power is not. This does not strictly mean aliens though as humans in space, star based powers, and power cosmic count. Galactics are often viewed as outsiders by the general public although they can make some of the strongest heroes or villains of them all. Ex: Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy, All the Lanterns, Martian Manhunter and the Symbiotes.

Spiritual- These are wild cards. They are people who draw their powers and abilities from some sort of spirituality like religion, mythology or magic. This could be a religion that exists irl, such as greek myths, or it could be one completely made up with its own connotations. They tend to follow the beliefs they stand for very well and never like to stray from it. They are recieved by most to be regular superheroes as many do not know their drive or what they orginate from. Ex: Wonder Woman, Thor, Shazam, Black Panther, Doctor Strange.

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