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Luke Betry

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Luke Betry Empty Luke Betry

Post by Drakel on Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:09 pm

Luke Betry



Sexual Preference:



He is a Caucasian. His height his 6'0 and he weighs 135. He sports a lithe build that isn't very muscular, but enough to get him through a fight. that wears a sweater under a purple pull-over hoodie, a pair of jeans, and a pair of hiking tennis shoes. He wears a pair of glasses to help his impaired vision. He has green eyes (with pupils that widen significantly when using powers). He's usually reclusive so he doesn't own any formal wear for banquets, balls, any formal occasion really. He owns a few different colored T-shirts and a jacket or two if he ever wants to change up his clothes, and to top it off he has a green ball cap. He has shaggy black hair that he tries to keep short for the most part.

As stated before, he is reclusive. He isn't too social and tries to avoid contact, more so since he received his powers, but he can find a few people to hang out with and open up to. He's a very intellectual individual so he tends to think he know's more than other people, which he usually does, and he is always looking for more to learn. He can be obsessive and nervous (and usually is), but knows how to relax for the most part and tries to do so often. He often gives good advice when he can, and usually does anything he can to be helpful to someone he finds to be nice. It's assumed by his family that he has OCD but they refuse to have him checked for it. He is very strong-willed for his age and experience.

He was born to a middle class family that lived in a four-room apartment, his father and mother were very nurturing (for the most part) and sheltered him a bit. As he got older he soon developed his powers, and he often played with them. He kept them a secret from his parents though, as he wasn't sure how they would react to it. One day (He was twelve at this time) while he was playing around with his powers in his room, he was using his telepathy to see from his dad's view. His dad was busy cooking in the kitchen when suddenly the door was kicked open and two people with guns walked in and shot him, he died almost instantly (Apparently he had a gambling problem, but must have been good at it if he didn't get the family in debt). Luke saw this and he screamed as his vision once again became his own. Due to this event he became much more reclusive and unsociable. Although he's been getting more curious about his powers as reports of abnormal people and powers have been reported.

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Post by Titania on Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:33 pm

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