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-| Seraph, the Demon Lord |-

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-| Seraph, the Demon Lord |- Empty -| Seraph, the Demon Lord |-

Post by Ithaqhua on Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:04 pm

-| Seraph, the Demon Lord |- Uwi2tuaz3diw

Name: Seraph | Sebastian Maxwell

Age: 22 in appearance, born in 1820.

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Hetero-sexual if any

Alignment: Anti-Hero

Race: Spiritual (Magic | Demonic)


Sebastian, or rather, Seraph appears as a rather handsome young man, who stands at a height of 6 feet and 1 inch, while weighing 174 pounds. He has kept himself fit and trained over the years, which shows in his very refined muscular structure and body-built, though you wouldn't believe how much of a six-pack he actually has, unless he takes his vest and shirt off and presents you his steeled body, not to mention that inhereting a demon's strength serves to further enhance this.

His hair is colored a mixture between platinum blond, gold and silver, and falls down to his shoulder like silk, giving him a mysterious air, supported by the steel-grey colored eyes and pale skin, almost giving him the look of a ghost, while he seems to give off a slight shimmer in the darkness.

He's usually dressed in rather... antique clothing styled after what was worn in the Victorean Era, namely, an old, white dress shirt, a black satin vest, black dress pants, fancy shoes and white gloves. This outfit resembles what was worn by the usual personal butler, but he has added his own touch to the clothes by wearing a kind of mage's robe around his waist along with his Demon Tome and Souleating Sword.


Seraph, or should I say Sebastian, is a very calm and collected person as a result of the training he has gone through along with his entire upbringing. He's always courteous and would never decline a lady his help, as the old-school gentleman he is. He pretty much never swears or cusses and always takes caution in his word-choice. His posture is always straight, even in battle he avoids any useless motion. Even strong provocation, of any kind, doesn't get you much response as he has been trained in restraining himself to the utmost. This also means that you won't get much of an emotional reaction to basically everything.

Though, as he is no longer Sebastian, as he has fused with the Demon Lord Seras, his personality tends to slip out of behaviour occasionally, especially if he thinks that he won't be noticed, basically donning the old behaviour as a shell to hide the much more... lively character that came with the Demon, which is often signalized by his eye color changing to a deep crimson.


Seraph wasn't born the way he is now. Actually, he was born as the oldest son of a servant family back in 1820, as nothing more than a mere human. As the oldest son it was always clear that he'd be the personal butler of the next generation's master, so he had to undergo harsh training and iron discipline from early on, though he never complained, he never learned of something that he could miss later on. And he was an excellent student, mastering everything there was about being a butler.

This repetetive lifestyle came to a sudden end when his father, personal butler of the current master, died protecting the master from an assassination attempt. Sebastian was 16 at this point. He knew, from his studies, that he should be sad, especially when mourning, but he wasn't, not really, and the little bit that was there, he managed to hide. He had to take over for his father after all and became the master's personal butler, his younger brother taking his old position.

The master was a pretty easygoing man, though at the same time strangely serious. And spontaenous. It was not long after Sebastian had taken over that the master explained to him the existence of magic, and his intention to teach it to him, to prevent him from dying like his father and being able to better serve him. Of course, Sebastian had no say in the matter and began learning, training, practicing while upholding his regular duties. It took him several years, to master enough knowledge to be useful.

Soon after he had basically finished his studies, everything went down the drain, he was 22, when the masters mansion and his family was attacked and burnt to ashes by the same assassins that had failed years ago. Everyone, except for Sebastian and the master died in the flames. The two of them had been attending a meeting of nobles in the city, and when they returned, despair fell upon the master and lead him to commit suicide. Now left without purpose, Sebastian wandered the ruins until he found something strange. A book. One of the master's magic tomes, he assumed, as only magic could have saved the book from the flames. Still without any other purpose, he held onto the tome, as to save at least this part of the master's property from faling into the wrong hands or being destroyed. And studying the tome's contents would further his power, enabling him to do so even better. Though the contents of this tome should have severe consequences for Sebastian.

It was a month or maybe two after he had become a butler without master that he decided that he had studied the tome enough to try and use the only summoning recorded within. According to the tome, the spell would summon the Demon Lord Seras and force him into the Demon Pact with the user. The pact held power, longevity, knowledge. In exchange for one's soul. A soul was a concept unfamiliar to Sebastian, which is why he didn't think much about the consequences and simply performed the summoning. And once he had done so, he immediately regretted it, as he felt how his soul was being taken hostage and he realized what that meant. The demon had control over him, to an extent.

The next 75 years he lived along with the demon pact, strolling the world, unable to settle down. Until one day, he happened to come into possession of the "Souleating Sword", an antique artifact, said to devour the soul of any being, if only it be pierced through it's heart. He decided to put the thing to the test and called for Seras, who did appear, but was of course, prepared for what was about to come and when the sword pierced his heart, he had made arrangements, so that his soul wouldn't be sealed inside the sword, but rather fuse with Sebastian's and return to him as a fused being, now calling itself Seraph.

The next 98 years were a constant struggle, with times of peace and times of war within Seraph, wandering the world, serving here and there for a while, though the need for butlers began steadily decreasing which left the remnant of the past all alone with it's struggle. What will become of Seraph now that he belongs nowhere?...

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-| Seraph, the Demon Lord |- Empty Re: -| Seraph, the Demon Lord |-

Post by Titania on Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:26 pm

-| Seraph, the Demon Lord |- YLkdGSV

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