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-| Seraph's Powers |-

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-| Seraph's Powers |- Empty -| Seraph's Powers |-

Post by Ithaqhua on Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:03 pm


Power Type: Spiritual -> Magic
Power Description: - Black Magic -
Seraph commands over a vast spread of dark spells and black energy, especially those designed for combat. This ranges from small, quick spells of various kind, to long, wide-spread and highly destructive incantations. His signature move however is unleashing a continous flowing storm of black magic energy from his hands or weapon. He can manipulate the intensity and spread of this flow, as well as attack in two directions at once. This is especially useful when he wants to break a barrier or other protective magic, like the typical magic shield or absorbing magic.
Power Strengths:
The strengths of this magic lie in it's variety and offensive prowess, so the damage output is a lot higher compared to offensive spells from other categories of magic. Especially when using large-scale war-magic this type of magic has proven to be very effective.
Power Weaknesses:
A clear disadvantage of this power are the sometimes rather long incantations for the more powerful attacks, as well as the need to use a Tome and/or other preparation to unleash spells above medium-high level. Plus, most of the bigger spells, require him to stay in one place and focus on the magic, leaving him prone to attacks.

Power Type: Spiritual -> Magic
Power Description: - Barrier Magic -
This type of magic concerns itself with erecting magic barriers of all kinds. Magic shields, Summoning barriers, Detection Fields, Trap Spells, Ritual Preparation Spells and such kinds fall under this topic. They are generally used to enclose a certain space with magic of various purpose.
Power Strengths:
The strengths of this type of magic lie in protecting and preparation.
Power Weaknesses:
Every spell out of this category NEEDS to be performed with a tome which has the appropiate barrier patterns written down inside of it.
Also, most barriers need a continous source of magic energy, in most cases, the creator.

Power Type: Spiritual -> Magic
Power Description: - Auxiliary Magic -
This type of magic deals with a collection of helpful spells from various categories, that Seraph has acquired. Those include a simple telekinesis spell, allowing him to move objects with magic, camouflaging spells to hide his visual presence, teleportation and portal spells, and other small things not worth mentioning. The teleport spell allows Seraph to quickly change location, though it is limited to himself and can't bring him very far. For that purpose he'd need to use the far more powerful portal spell, which takes time to use, but allows multiple persons to be transported over great distances. The camouflage spell only hides his visual appearance and his "presence", making it very probable that people just don't notice him if he doesn't move and stands at the sidelines.
Power Strengths:
Those spells simply make Seraph's life easier.
Power Weaknesses:
Seraph is by far no master of those spells, so a chance of failure exists. Also, some of these spells take a lot of concentration, leaving him prone, while others consume a lot of energy, or even both.

Power Type: Spiritual -> Demonic
Power Description: - Enhanced Body -
This is more of a passive power or attribute that Sebastian gained when he fused with the demon lord he once held a pact with. It basically gives him the physical capabilities of said demon lord as well as granting him access to a considerable amount of magic power. Though it also affects him with the typical weaknesses of a demon.
Power Strengths:
Seraph's strength, agility, speed, endurance and resistance to harm are elevated to clearly superhuman levels.
Power Weaknesses:
Any kind of holy attack does incredible damage to Seraph. Also, fusing with a demon means being in constant threat of being consumed by the demon.


Common Items Used: Demon Tome; Souleating Sword
Notable Item Used: Demon Tome
Item Description:
The demon tome is an antique compendium of magical knowledge, including the secrets of Black Magic mainly, while straying into other areas of magic a little. It's name however, is grounded in the fact that it contains one of the very rare summoning spells for a single high-class demon.
It takes the form of a seemingly very old, thick book, clad in black leather and bound by heavy steel clasps, hanging at Seraph's waist on a chain.
Item Strengths:
Tomes such as this one tend to be quite tricky in that they commonly have the ability to protect themselves with magic shields and camouflage spells. Even without their master. This is one of those tomes. Plus, it seems like this tome seems to regenerate damage done to it, slowly but surely.
Item weaknesses:
This item holds a lot of power and knowledge and Seraph relies on those a lot, which means that his power is considerably lowered if the tome were to be taken from him. Also, the demon summoning contained within the tome is fully capable of summoning Seraph, as he is fused with the demon the spell from the tome calls.

Notable Item Used: Souleating Sword
Item Description:
The Souleating sword is an ancient weapon, made from enchanted silver, taking the form of an one-handed european sword. It's original purpose was to slay demons and other beasts and keep their souls hostage to keep them from returning to the world. At some point in history though, it was corrupted and made to eat the souls of any living thing, drawing power from them and thus strengthening their master. After it found it's way into Seraph's hands, it now serves the pupose of feeding the demon inside him to keep him calm.
Item Strengths:
Devoures the soul of any creature it kills. Can channel magic.
Item weaknesses:
Should the sword be broken, all of the souls it has devoured will be freed, resulting in an arcane storm.


Fighting Style:
Seraph's fighting style depends on the situation.
In a sudden fight, where he has no chance to prepare bigger things, he tends to make use of his signature move and other spells, until either the enemy is beaten or he notices that his foe requires another tactic. In which case he'll switch to firing magic projectiles while engaging in high-speed close-quarter combat utilizing his sword. If he has to fight against a group of enemies he'll usually try to lure them into a situation to his advantage and then eradicate them one after the other.

If he, however, has time to prepare, he will most probably set a barrage of trap spells and brarriers up, before his enemies reach him. He'll also engage them from afar utilizing higher level spells until the remnants of the enemy forces reach him. Whoever remains standing after that, will fall prey to his sword.

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-| Seraph's Powers |- Empty Re: -| Seraph's Powers |-

Post by Titania on Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:54 pm

-| Seraph's Powers |- YLkdGSV

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