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Luquier, the Tamer

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Luquier, the Tamer Empty Luquier, the Tamer

Post by Seris on Thu Apr 02, 2015 7:28 pm

Luquier, the Tamer Silver10
Luquier, the Tamer Silver_thorn_dragon_queen__luquier_reverse_by_tuves-d7yvugv
Name:Luquier, the Tamer

Age: 23


Sexual Preference: Does it matter? I'll dominate anyone if I so please.

Alignment: Villain

Race: Spiritual (Magic)

Appearance: She wears a hat though really it is more of a crown. It is like the majority of her outfit black with red in-lines that are etched into it. Long red hair that reaches down to her waist and the top of her butt. Her eyes are different colors as the left eye is a clear blue while the other eye is the red of her outfit. However, power spills forth from that eye as streams of red. (As seen in the picture.) Her top only covers her breasts and a small strip of her back. It's black with red lines with a small thing of brown. It is also connected to the collar she wears which is of course black with red etchings. Her gloves come up to before her shoulders that leave only a small part of her arms revealed. She has a small cape-like thing that follows the same pattern of black with red etchings. Her pants have metal on the outside of her thighs which are then stitched with white thread to black with red lines. Her boots have a similar theme of metal on the top that almost seem to double up and the rest is nigh skin tight that  are black with red lines. She has tattoos on both of her shoulders and down both of her ribs and sides that end on her hips as well as tattoos under both her eyes.

Personality: She's domineering and loves control, she wants the ability to control others either willingly or otherwise. She's a dark and twisted soul that has been corrupted by was once harmless magic and has a manic personality as a result. She is sultry and loves to toy with others... using lust and others passion as a powerful tool of control. She can be nice and comfortable and well... normal but it is rare to be found in such a way and probably only be done if she is alone. Her mania is contained unless someone disobeys her and if they do she inflicts pain... and mental anguish to the fool who would dare do so. Though in a strange twist she still retains her love of animals from before her twisting and will utterly destroy those she sees that harm them, this probably being the last light in her soul among the darkness.

History: Luquier was once a mage in training the the complicated art of Summoning. However, she was ambitious and impatient that her master was holding her back from advancing despite her skills. So one night she stole into her teachers private library and took one of the forbidden tomes. Once she had re-entered her room and drawn up the appropriate protective circles she called forth one of the random creatures described in the book. This in fact was what caused her downward spiral of what she is today. The beast wailed and smashed itself against the faltering barriers Luquier had erected, the protective pentagrams and sigils to weak to contain it, and it bursted forth wrapping her in its very being. The corruption was swift and absolute, though at this moment her teacher came to investigate the noises only to find the creature that was once his pupil. He attempted to exorcise the beast from her body and was... almost successful. The thing that wrapped around the young girl sank deeper to plant a core of darkness inside Luquier's soul, dying in it's attempt to continue itself. However, the creature's sacrifice was successful in allowing the seed of black to blossom inside Luquier, changing her into the dominating thing people know her for now. She also murdered her master a year after this event... another exorcism that failed after he noticed her changing... becoming crueler and twisted... but he was far to late to save her. That was many years ago... nine to be exact and she has studied all of the forbidden tomes that her old master had locked away becoming a commander of many dark beasts that all have been swayed by her powers. The clothes that she wears and the whip that she bears were gathered in her pursuit of new summoning arts as the Crown and Ringmaster armor was forged by magic and corrupted by their wearer while the Silverthorn Whip was the instrument of her family... an Heirloom to be passed down when she was of age, taken before her time by her drive to command others. The last thing she did to augment her summoning were the runic tattoos over her body, written with magic laced ink and creature blood.

Costume: While the outfits change only slightly... this is what she appears like when not in her villainous actions.  Luquier, the Tamer Silver11

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Luquier, the Tamer Empty Re: Luquier, the Tamer

Post by Titania on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:21 pm

Luquier, the Tamer YLkdGSV

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